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Chubut is a province in the southern part of Argentina, that lies between the 42nd Parallel South (forming the border with the Río Negro Province) and 46th Parallel South (bordering Santa Cruz Province), the Andes range separating Argentina from Chile, and the Atlantic ocean. The province's name derives from the Tehuelche word chupat, meaning "transparent", their description of the Chubut River. As the word chupat is similar to the Spanish word chupar, meaning in slang, "to booze", the river's name was bowdlerized adjusted for public decorum. The largest city, with 125,000 inhabitants, is Comodoro Rivadavia in the south of the province, but the administrative capital is Rawson (25,000). Other important cities are Puerto Madryn, Trelew, Esquel, and Sarmiento. Gaiman is a cultural and demographic centre of the region known as "Y Wladfa" in which Welsh-Argentinians are concentrated. There are around 25,000 Welsh speakers in the Chubut region, predominantly concentrated in the original Welsh settlements of Trelew and Trevelin. read full wikipedia reference about Chubut Province, Argentina OTHER POPULAR DESTINATIONS IN ARGENTINA Bariloche Hotel Accommodations and Tourist Information Buenos Aires Catamarca Chubut Comodoro Rivadavia Cordoba El Calafate Entre Rios Iguazu Mar del Plata Mendoza Misiones Neuquen Patagonia Pilar Pinamar Posadas Puerto Madryn Resistencia Rio Negro Rosario Salta San Juan Santa Fe Tandil Tierra del Fuego Trelew Tucuman Villa Carlos Paz Villa General Belgrano

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