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8 day walking tour adventure package from Pyrenees France starting from $940 CDN$
8 day cycling tour along the Dordogne River in Souillac France starting from C$1320
Passau to Budapest 15 day Cycling Tour along the Danube River from C$1900
Passau to Vienna 8 day Cycling Tour along the Danube River  from C$1080
Vienna to Budapest 8 day Cycling Tour along the Danube River  from C$1140

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15 days in Morocco exploring imperial cities, souks, mountains and deserts from C$1160
15 days discover Egypt including cruise on Nile in ancient sailboat, museum, pyramids, suez canal.. adventure from C$835
8 days discover Egypt, Cairo Museum, Pyramids, River Nile, Aswan, Fellucia trip, Valley of the Kings from C$650 or less
6 days Kenya wilderness safari 3 night luxury tented camp from C$1820
8 days adventure climb of Kilimanjaro with full porterage from C$1900
16 days exploring Kilimanjaro, Serengeti & Zanzibar tropical exploratory trek adventure from C$4500

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29 days exploring the Great Indochina Loop through Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia from C$2600 or less
26 days through Russia, Kazakhstan & China visiting St. Petersburg to the Great Wall of China from C$3680
21 days westbound tour exploring Russia, Mongolia & China to see the Forbidden City to the Kremlin from C$3155
29 day adventure tour travelling from Hong Kong to Bangkok through China, Vietnam Laos and Thailand from C$2540
29 day adventure tour from Bangkok to Bali through Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia from C$1925
10 days cultural exotic tour in Bali from C$1485
15 days in Bali and Lombok exploring Ubud, volcanoes, cycling, snorkelling, Lovina to Denpasar from C$870
10 day adventure tour exploring the Taj Mahal, palaces, markets bazaars around Delhi from C$2015
15 days travel safari in Northern India to tour the Land of the Tiger from C$2320
15 day Nepal outdoor camp trekking adventure from C$1135
23 days exploring the Everest Base Camp,  remote monasteries, cultural teahouses and natural settings from C$1310
15 days touring Northbound from Shanghai to Beijing China from C$1660
14 days exploring Japan, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Hakone, Tokyo on shinkansen, traditional guesthouses, culture from C$2630
12 days in Thailand elephants, villages, boat cruises, thai cooking schools meals from C$1680

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16 days Kimberley 4x4 eco discovery tour, meals and drinks all inclusive from C$3940
6 days outback safari adventure exploring central Australia from C$1265

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12 days Pacific Northwest Canadian Rockies tour through Banff and Jasper Vancouver and Seattle from C$1400
8 days sailing adventure in Haida Gwai'i British Columbia the Canadian Galapagos from C$2600
10 day desert Adventure exploring Las Vegas, Monument Valley, the Sonora Desert and Zion National Park from C$1375
10 day Mexico Yucatan Mayan exploration lodging tour from C$1405
8 days in Costa Rica Volcano adventure tour from C$1295
15 days Coast to Coast Costa Rican lodging tour from C$1525
10 days in the Galapagos Islands all inclusive from C$1610
2 week exploration tour of the Andes, Macchu Picchu the Amazon rainforest, Lake Titicaca, and Peruvian culture from C$2365

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12 days in Antarctica and Argentina sailing adventure all inclusive from C$3715

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